Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comic Con, the Warm-up

I'm not going to write up my entire Comic Con experience right now, as it's late and I'm tired. But yes, I got through it, did my panels and talked to some really neat artists - especially a big wave to Clio for being so nice and putting up with my fangirly presence at the Flight table ;)

I'll do a proper post with Con doodles and a list of my swag later.

In an amusing side-note, T got this email from the Library of Congress, where they're in the process of cataloguing Divalicious!
Mostly it's about them needing more information to store T on the database, but I found it amusing that there's only one other Mebberson in their catalog, and he's a second cousin I've never met in my life.

I KNEW there was a damn good reason to work under my maiden name.

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