Monday, April 30, 2007

Edie Edie Edie!!...

Not that Rosie would whine like Jan. She'd just walk over and kick someone in the shins.

Just stylising some old Sears fashions. The brunette woman with the flip do is Rosie's mum, Laurie.

Anthony, I know you view this blog, but I am honestly not out to rip off your 'girls in chairs' idea. I just found an ad with a really funky chair in an old Good Housekeeping mag and HAD to use it ;)

Edie looks so cute in earmuffs :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cats and Crosshatching...

Had the parents visiting all last week, so I haven't drawn a thing all week. 9_9
My dad and I were on a big Robert Crumb kick last week, ordering CDs and a book on Amazon while I picked up the R.Crumb handbook. I now want to chronicle anecdotes of my childhood in anally cross-hatched glory. God dammit, is there such thing as artistic ADD??

I like drawing obese felines :)

Bunch of cartoon gals based on Sears catalogue photos. The swimsuits were damn sexy back then, but I'm SO glad we don't have to wear support underwear like that anymore...