Tuesday, July 24, 2007

San Diego Con - SCHEDULE!

Just getting all my bits and pieces together for SDCC.

I'm doing two panels for Tokyopop on Friday:
Drawing for Manga 12.30-1.30
Fashion in Manga 2-3pm

Then a Creator's signing on Sunday at 11am

Saturday, I have nothing scheduled, so if anyone else wants to get the hell out of the massive crowd crush and go cafe-sketching, I'm up!

So if you're drifting past the Tokyopop booth and hear a loud blonde Australian hogging the mic, that's me*wave*. At some point, I'll make my way to Small Press and find as MANY of my favourite bloggers as possible and buy lots of sketchbooks and Flight 4.
The only event I'm hell-bent on attending is Jerry Beck's Worst Cartoons Ever on Fri night, so Brew fans, see you there!

The rest of the time I shall spend reeling at the sheer size of this thing.


Alina Chau said...

COOL!! Will check out Tokyopop booth! :)

Alexiev said...

Good Blog... and images...


mayhem said...

how was comic con?