Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We all read the same blogs, we all feel the sadness.

Goodbye Ollie. Hope you're having roaring good times with Frank and Marie again.
Funny. When Steve Irwin died, I sent him in the other direction.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh teh Drama

In the world of vintage radio drama, there are women and there are broads.
But when it comes to the crunch, both have one solitary tactic that is as reliable as the tides.

Dribbling, quivering, grovelling (and sometimes completely fake) waterworks.

Half the time, they have a pistol hidden in their knickers, but this works. Trust the writers of The Shadow, The Whistler, Dragnet, Rocky Jordan, Let George Do It, I was a Communist for the FBI, Inner Sanctum, Gunsmoke and Duffie's Tavern(oh no, sorry, that last one's just me. PAINFUL show >_<).

Not getting your way, girls? Let your spine turn to a limp noodle and bawl. You'll know when you've had the right effect when he throws back the rest of his third scotch and pops you one.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Playing Silly Buggers

Sir Harry Secombe, CBE
Peter Sellers, CBE
Spike Milligan, KBE

All giants on their own in the entertainment world, but combined were the three funniest bastards on the planet. The Goons.

America, you've given the rest of the world... ENDLESS cultural influence. You lot are inescapable. I continue to be amazed that such a seminal show as the Goon Show never really made it to America.
It ended nearly fifty years ago, but it's still one of the greatest comedy shows ever made and arguably the greatest radio comedy EVER. All British comedy as you know it can be traced back to these guys.

I introduced my Midwestern husband to the Goon Show ten years ago and he loved it instantly. He can now impersonate Eccles, Bluebottle, Henry Crun and Bloodnok dead-on(I have to do Neddie and Minnie ;))

Ying tong iddle eye po.