Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brown Book roundup

Mishmash of stuff. First batch is from Drink and Draw night in LA during Long Beach

And a Batgirl, because Silvani ordered me to:

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Con roundup - 2010

It has been an amazing year. The work has been hard and very stressful sometimes, but on the other hand, I have got to meet some incredible people and make some new lifelong friends.
But enough of that, you want to see ART, right? Have a nice big backlog of CON SKETCH COVERS!
These are all a big mishmash from New York Comic Con, Toronto FanExpo and Long Beach Comic Con.

Ironically, Animal has a bigger vocabulary

Markers were running out by now!
Inspired by a rather slick pair of cosplayers

Holy crap! Presented for autographs, lovingly bagged and boarded.

Muppet/Who mashups NEVER get boring.

For Samad, webmaster of Pixar Times

This never stops being funny.
Coming up with new introductory threats was all part of the fun.

A fan at NYCC presented these magnificent works in progress. 
Ducktales SDCC variant by me.

Oh shush, it's awesome.
Couple of James Silvani's sketch covers. The man's versatility is astounding.

Two of the better Gonzo mashups I did.

Two of the WEIRDEST Muppet mashups I've ever done.

Another of James'. Some fans don't care if the cover sketch bears no relation to the actual comic ;)

Ha! Remembered to get a photo of it this time!

Normally I find Statler and Waldorf pretty boring to draw, but this fan suggestion was priceless.