Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boom! goes mah brain

So, I guess my little handful of followers have noticed my updates are a little sporadic. There's a reason for that... THIS:

These are all the variant covers I've done from 2009 to the present. Bear in mind, these DON'T include the 9 covers for the two titles I drew cover-to-cover (Monsters Inc. 1-4 and Muppet Peter Pan). No wonder I'm bloody tired!
There are 3 other covers I've done which I can't reveal yet - 1 Nemo, 1 Toy Story and 1.... secret Boom!/Disney title I can't talk about yet but which is super cool ;)

These are the 4 covers I did for Muppet King Arthur (currently in release). My intention with them was to make a set that would form a really awesome gatefold. This is literally the first time I've strung them all together. Not bad!
I also designed and made the logo on the end. Once upon a time, I was a liiiittle obsessed with illuminated manuscripts. When I went to the British Museum, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

So what's on my desk right now? Drawing Muppet Show issues 4-7, with script by (who else?) Roger Langridge. After that - well, that's up to the whim of my editor. And he is a man of many whims. It won't be NOTHING, I know that much.
I am so lucky to do what I do.