Saturday, July 07, 2007

Platform, San Fran & ROOOCHESTER!!!

Okay, lots to update, time to bulletise!

* PLATFORM: Second of Amid's 'Design Daze' sessions was fantastic - a lecture on Tom Oreb. His slides were great and demonstrated the tried-and-true principles of good, striking character design that is stylised, but still flexible and animatable.
I got all inspired and have been watching 'Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom' over and over again just taking it all in. I'm determined to utilise a good old-school stylised look for Rosie. My biggest weakness is layouts - I don't think I'm very good at it. I'm sure there's some basic fundamental rule of perspective that I'm missing and the penny just hasn't dropped yet.
But I ADORE the 50's Oreb/Blair/Noble style and it means I can blow off the perspective a bit ;)

(I was listening to old Jack Benny shows when I did this. Amazing those are still funny after 60+ years)

I'm totally anti-child, but I saw this ad in an old mag and just went 'awwwwwww' :)

* Went to San Fran for a week to visit the sister-in-law and chill(as much as one CAN chill in 90+ degree heat). We unfortunately had to miss the Tezuka exhibition because of lack of time, but when I discovered the exhibition originated in Melbourne, I have a SNEAKING hunch I've already seen it.
But the highlight was undoubtedly our pilgrimage to the scorching fields of Santa Rosa and the Charles Schulz museum.

Oh wow. MECCA!

The Warm Puppy Cafe, Sparky's desk, Meredith's bedroom mural, Christo's wrapped doghouse. The store was a LITTLE disappointing - no good pins or posters, I only found one women's babydoll tee of snoopy(I REALLY wanted a crabby Lucy one) and not many nice collectables or objets. The Mall of America had MUCH better stuff.
We did a bit of a drive around the ice arena looking for 1 Snoopy Place (Sparky's actual home and Peanuts world HQ), but it was blistering hot and we had one more stop. We'd come this far... and Sebastopol was only 6 miles away...

Sorry I missed meeting you properly, Sparky.
To be fair, his grave is NOT hard to miss. The Pleasant Hills Cemetary isn't exactly signposted well, but when you drive in, WHAM, there he is, marked with a stone bench engraved with Snoopy, Sharlie Brown, Lucy and Linus.

The 11-12 hour drive down and back was spent doodling trees with my Copics and brainstorming future Divalicious story ideas.

For some reason, one day a few weeks back, I couldn't get 'Hairspray' out of my head.


Chris Battle said...

Very cool that you made it down to the Schulz Museum. The place does not disappoint! (Peanuts has been a life-long inspiration to me, as well)

dintoons said...

hahaha, sweet!! :o)

dintoons said...

well, i'm completely pro-child! :o)

Mark Geyer said...

Love the mom and child sketch!

doodlegirl said...

Were you able to find 1 snoopy place? In case you didn't.. (it sorta seemed that way)... the next time you're in that area, his old studio is next door from the museum. (there's a field inbetween) on the same side of the street as the museum (and across the street from the ice arena). There's a softball field and even what looks like an ice pond to play hockey in, but instead, it's for roller blading. There are gates that open up, but be careful. I've been locked behind those gates twice!

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