Monday, September 07, 2009

Dee Twentee Three

Well, this should be interesting.
Disney's first ever 'fan expo' - D23 - starts this Thursday at Anaheim Convention Centre.
It's not really a con in the regular sense - it's a MASSIVE publicity pimp-out for everything Disney. A con is where you go to see, buy, sell and trade stuff. An expo is where you go to show stuff off. D23 is the latter.

I will be there with Boom! studios on Saturday and Sunday to promote the Pixar/Muppet comics we've all been sweating over for nearly a year now. As of writing, actual activites at the Boom! booth are still being finalised, but no matter - all it takes is the magic words 'FREE SKETCHES' and that should get 'em swarming ;)

I look forward to this with a mixture of fascination and a touch of trepidation. On the one hand, Disney fans are some of the most loyal, friendly and all-embracing of any fandom around. On the other hand, they are hard-fricking-CORE and a liiiiittle scary sometimes. I will be torn between lots of nodding and smiling or messing with their heads.
This is NOT a cheap con, so the cost alone may filter out more casual fans... although I understand that Disney employees get a nice cheap entry discount, so if you're artsy and on the payroll, c'mon by on the weekend and say hi!

Boom! will be located in the Disney Consumer Products section. All the site says is that they're presenting Mark Waid. They appear to have left out 'and Friends' ;p

If you also happen to be a veteran Pixar director, my editor and I would also like your opinion on something. If you have a moment ;)