Friday, March 02, 2007

Limbering up...

I can just about see my editor standing there holding up the handkerchief at the starting line, ready to cue me to start drawing. I'm hoping to break a land speed record - my deadline is August, I'm hankering for mid-July.

So I figure it's time to get back into the Diva groove and get Tina ready:

Something about female gluteal dimples taps a very very primitive instinct, I am told.
jeez, she's only 17 and she's had a nose-job already!

This was just an airport sketch that got a photoshop lick of paint.

More practise on caricaturing. This was just some old Italian guy in an in-flight magazine.

Spazzy dog. Very very spazzy dog. Sorry, PUPPY!(avoids glare of best friend and owner of said spaz)

I've started posting to the Drawing Board, because that's where all the cool artists hang out. I joined yonks ago but only posted my first pieces yesterday. I need to hang out with artists more talented than me, it's good for the feedback.


Anthony Carpenter said...

The sketch of the singer is fab! :)
The mono-chromatic color scheme works perfectly.

Tony C. said...

Love the expression in the lower right of the Tina faces. Lots of great stuff here!