Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Delayed Flights and boredom

..equals SKETCH-O-RAMA!

Just got back from New York con, where much pimping for Divalicious! took place.
Mucho hugs and thanks to TP doodz Tim Beedle, Rob Tokar and Paul Morrisey for looking out for me and taking care of me and putting the hell up with me for 3 days. ;)

While Sunday night's snow-dump on NY was enchanting at the time, it proceeded to slightly foul up the next day's flights. Both my flights from Laguardia and Chicago took off late, so that made for lots of SKETCHES, inspired by the two Stephen Silver sketchbooks I bought.

It's the only Beethoven that's on the iPod, and that's only because Vince Guaraldi is playing it.

I have a copy of this Prelinger gem on my laptop.

Practicing people-sketching - still not loose enough...

sleeping mermaids are teh pritty.

The pink paint pen exploded on the plane and ruined my jeans, enjoy!

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Uloo said...

That flamingo design is splendid. I want it on a pillowcase.