Monday, March 19, 2007

March 19, 2007

Blah. One of those nights. My copy of Drink and Draw arrived today and I spent a happy hour devouring the awesomeness therein.
I wish I had awesomely talented arty friends I could hang out in pubs with :(

Plus, I swear they made the book the PERFECT size to perch on your lap and be a makeshift drawing board. That HAD to be deliberate!

Anyway, that started yet another anxiety attack, worrying that I'll never be anything more than just an also-ran artist, you know those days...
Ironically, I did a couple of pieces today that came out rather well. God dammit, why is creativity ALWAYS its most fruitful when you're having an emotional bummer??

Sandy - an old character of mine. Occasionally I feel compelled to do a portrait of her, just as a guage of how my construction has improved. I think this one is a VAST improvement on the last one I did a couple of years ago. Yay, growth!

Just posted this on my Deviantart account. I expect yet another fangirl deluge. Aah, dA. Like shooting fish in a barrel.


Justin said...

just browsin' the millions of art blogs out there and came across yours. Thought I'd say hello. Neat stuff.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Eheh, it all looks fun. I like your take on that pirate depp dude:) And the character in the post below is real cool.

Cheers to you,