Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 17, 2007

Just ducking in to drop off a few journal dump items:

Rosie attitudes. Trying to see how far I can squash and stretch her little body and face. I'm not really going for John K levels here, just so she can move and act well.

Typical day for Rosie and Edie, plus some girl I sketched at my cafe.
I finally found a good white pencil that works well on this paper. joy!

Guess which DVD we just bought.
(sorry about the scanner flair, my art journal is a thick bastard and won't lie totally flat.)


Anthony Carpenter said...

Great stuff, Amy!
The Rosie page is outstanding. Terrific expressions all. The real winner, though, is the "preparing to run" pose. That wicked look on her face brought a big smile to mine. :)

helpthebear said...
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helpthebear said...

amy u always inspire me
i luv rosie and creating cutsies like her....and the comment on beer was nice; at least your truthfull
keep inspiring people like me and post more! check out my blog iv got a lot of post


Abz said...

I LOVE the squash and stretch...very very cool!! any good tips to pass along for an easier understanding of it all?