Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Do do do dooooo....

(Blame webradio, it's playing 'Potluck' by the John LaSalle Quartet)

Just a bit more dumping off...

Rosie and her little gang, Jeffy and Marti. Let there be no doubt who gets first pick of the lunchbox treats around here!

Angie ranting about something... her Twinkie filling was probably flakey and stale and WHOLLY unacceptable for her home-made Pepsi meringues.

Just some thumbnail research into classic Levittown architecture. Ah, cantilevered roofs, crazy paving on the WALLS and picture windows that would dwarf most movie screens. I was born 30 years too late :(

One of my pipe dreams - get Divalicious! into the funnies. I drew a whole week's worth as an 'audition' for Tokyopop and although they loved them, no openings yet.
(T, if you're reading this, yeah, go ahead and share, what the hell...)


Anthony Carpenter said...

That first image is retro-licious! :)
Rosie's expression is priceless and the lad's loose shoelace is wonderful touch as well. The real highlight, however, is the girl in the center. Perfection! Her body language and expression are rendered beautifully.
Is that colored pencil on tinted paper?

I know exactly what you mean about the mid-century architecture. I would love a house like one of those. Ah, dreams.
Those are lovely sketches. Nicely observed.
Have you ever read Atomic Ranch Magazine (www.atomic-ranch.com)? If not, check it out, it might be just your cup of tea. :)

Mebbo said...

Wow! No I haven't.. just may have to go and pick up a copy, thanks! :)

Yeah, it's pencil, brush pen and whatever the hell will adhere to the tinted paper - unfortunately the paper has absolutely no bleed at all(I think it's made for pastels) so markers look like crap and smear pencil work.

JawaKing said...

... I don't think Twinkies can go bad? Can they? I think they're immortal and cannot die. Unless they're killed by the Ancient Bone Saber of Zumacalis.