Monday, August 23, 2010

Toronto Fanexpo

Another month, another con!

I will be in Toronto for Fanexpo Canada this coming Friday-Sunday. My first Canadian convention, exciting :)
(Suggestions for good watering holes in downtown Toronto welcome!)
As always, I'll be at the BOOM! kids booth where fellow artist Travis Hill and I will be sketch-covering all weekend long on Cars, Muppet Show and (possibly) Toy Story.

In the meantime, here's some new sketch cards playing around with some luscious (bright!) Holbein watercolours.


Sue A. Maynard - Author, Carving The Light said...

Those are gorgeous! And I look forward to meeting you at Fan Expo...I'll be heading to you guys fairly early on because I'm hoping to grab a couple of Muppet covers, depending on price, of course! It's a long, expensive weekend, but I'm really beyond excited at the idea of a Beaker cover for my friend and a Rizzo cover for meeee! Will be dropping by the BOOM! booth a few times over the weekend, I think! Have a gret rest of week, and see you soon! :)

Sue A. Maynard - Author, Carving The Light said...

OH! And there are lots of okay watering holes right near the MTCC, or I can give you directions to my personal fave pub just up Yonge street...probably a half hour if walking, but close to subway, and a cab wouldn't be too expensive, either. ;) It's called The Artful Dodger, at 12 Isabella Ave, just east of Yonge. Which...will make more sense when you're in town. Comfy, quirky British pub. Been going there for YEARS. :)