Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comicon 2010 Roundup

Yes, it DOES take 48-72 hours to recover from Comicon.
I hadn't been to SDCC since 2007 and I had completely forgotten how mofo-ingly HUGE it is.
But in between the non-stop sketching at BOOM! kids from Preview night to end of the day on Sunday, I did manage to get out and embarrass myself to a whole bunch of wonderful, amazing artists.
The ever-classy Chris Sanders, Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera were both utterly charming, David Colman, Stephen Silver, the Fleet Street guys, Jeff Pidgeon and Josh Cooley. Bumped into the sweetly elfin Brittney Lee at the Gallery Nucleus booth. *sigh* Some day I'll have a piece in a show there. So much cool art.
To say I spent a little money there would be... well, a huge fat whopper. In addition to a pile of inspiring books and sketchbooks, my luggage was augmented by one My Little Pony, Lotso, a Tribble and I TOTALLY would have added She-ra, but that would have required jettisoning clothing.

I had a trio of superstar sketch troopers around me - Alan Gladfelter, Travis Hill and Roger Langridge (Most Robbed Nominee of the Eisners and I will shout it from the damn rooftops)

I met heaps of utterly lovely people and many great conversations were had as I ground through sketch after sketch of Kermit, Gonzo, Piggy, Swedish Chef, Boo, Sully, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Ham (The Toy Story covers were so popular I ended up pinch-hitting for Travis so the poor bastard could take a rest)
Huge shoutouts to:
Shannon Watters, Boom! editor and booth babe who acted as our formidable den mother and administrator of bathroom breaks and trail mix.
Katie Hayden, Boom!'s people wrangler and assistant to the CEO. We feared for your sanity, honey, but you can't keep the tiny shark down.
Chris, Chris and Jason, my editors. Luv u guys.
The absolutely darling couple who visited us several times in various forms of cosplay. They bestowed on me my FAVOURITE souvenir - The Ellie Badge. MINE!
(I won't post their photo to protect them from being bothered at future cons ;))
Super-writer Seanan McGuire and Tara O'Shea, who introduced me to Paul Cornell (!). He said he knew my Who art (!!) and really enjoyed it (!!!!!)

I also got to spend half a minute in an elevator at 2am with Joss Whedon. For 2am, when minds are a little fuzzy, he was very very cool and happily chatted about Avengers. eee!

FAMILIAR FACES with Amy and Roger!

(Yes I look really really sweaty and brainfried. It was Sunday afternoon when that was taken and I was surviving on Cheezits and comic bag fumes. When he rocked up, I squealed like a 4-year-old. But seriously, you haven't lived till you've hugged a Frog)

My old editors and friends-for-life, Aaron Sparrow and Bryce Coleman.
These two men, along with Darkwing Duck artist James Silvani are on my tiny list of people I'll do anything for in this world.
(Flash cameras hate me. Stupid expression, but normal lighting here)

Okay, art time! Online reputations WILL catch up with you at cons, so I did quite a few Doctor Who mashups.

 And of course, Miss Piggy as Lady Gaga. Separated at birth, I swear.
A rare Pixar mashup and an extremely adorable one.

Roger and I did these sketches for a Cystic Fibrosis charity auction.
Even in the high-pressure, on-the-spot environment of con sketches, Roger's pieces are still sickeningly polished.

The new sketchbook went down pretty well and is now available for purchase on Lulu! And hey look, if you buy a copy of On Air as well, you'll get free shipping. C'mon, free shipping is the ultimate deal-sweetener, let's do this!

All in all, a crazy, exhausting but awesome times with other crazy, exhausted, talented people. Hopefully back next year!

Bonus photo for Who fans: This guy was just plain awesome for not only being one of the VERY few Eleven-with-fez cosplayers I saw, but the Psychic Paper sealed it.


Crimsongypsy said...

Oh goodness I made the Mebberson Roundup :D I was part of the "couple" (we're not actually a couple fyi but no big) with the Ellie badge. I'm so glad you liked it ^_^
I wanted to thank you again for being so darn nice. I love my Skeeter Get-a-Sketch and my sketchbook Ivy. Oh, and my sketch card :D Seriously, you guys were all awesome!

pbcbstudios said...

nerdfest overload!

karaoke_host said...

Love the picture with you and me! I really enjoy your artwork Amy! Thanks for signing my comic book! Keep up the wonderful work!

Kermit (and Kevin)

droosan said...

Sounds like a really great time! ^_^

I did miss being there this year, even though I'd thought I might not. -_-

Just curious: are you going to make STACKED available through your Lulu store, or the GDG Etsy shop (or even just via mail)..? I'd love to purchase a copy!

.. assuming you have any left over after the Con, of course..!

Zorilita said...

It was great getting to chat with you this year before the con got super crazy. =)

Amy said...

droosan - there's a link in the post to the Lulu store where you can get Stacked now.

I need to make a banner for the profile page, too...

Amy said...

crimsongypsy - sorry for the couple faux pas, my mistake.

droosan said...

yay yay .. ordered!! ^_^

dunno how I'd missed that info before .. thanks!

Bill the Splut said...

Maybe some day you'll come to ConnectiCon! (No, you can't crash on my couch--I don't have one)

Those mashups are awesome! All they needed was a Dalek with a Kaled mutant inside played by Gonzo.

Speaking of Dr Who're one of the few people who'd appreciate this one! :D

Nightsky said...

Yay, my custom Kermit-as-Tenth-Doctor sketch! I'm so proud of having commissioned it. I'm going to go around styling myself a patron of the arts now.
(No, seriously--it and the Kermit-as-Eleven sketch you were also kind enough to make me are, basically, the coolest things ever. I treasure them.)

damon said...

so nice to meet you at comic con love your work

Jack Foster said...

Looks like a blast! Great blog Amy!!!

anima-base said...

Wow, cool.