Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Influence Map

Fun thing going around Deviantart right now.
My artistic epiphany took place when I saw Belle dancing with the Beast in that ballroom. I'd always loved Disney, but THAT'S when I knew I wanted to be a Disney artist.
Muppet Babies and Sailor Moon  each inspired several years worth of artsy bollocking around in my younger years. I drew Jill Barklem-esque mice constantly when I was 11. I still have the sketchbooks (eek).
Chris Sanders has continued right where Freddie Moore ended off with his luscious little gals and although I find R Crumb a thoroughly obnoxious human being with some really odious attitudes, I will love his art forever and he inspires me to want to draw a (semi-accurate!) autobiography someday.

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She-Thing said...

Brambly Hedge! I loved those books- I even have a tin for my pencils X) It'd be a good idea if you posted those mice drawings ;) As for the rest of the images, they sure are inspiring-- yes, I agree too about Robert Crumb, it's one of those I can only watch 30 seconds an turn away. That doesn't mean I can't learn anything from him, but... ugh. I enjoy funny disgusting stuff, but... everyone's got a limit. But anyway, it happened to me with "egomaniac" Quentin Tarantino, so why not with Mr. Crumb.

Conclusion; Love your blog! Bes