Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hurray, I can now announce what YOU can get if you stop by the Girls Drawing Girls booth at San Diego Comicon! Luscious prints! Buttons! Jewelry! Our new Sugar and Spice Book!

I will have prints, a GDG-exclusive button and THIS:

24 pages, full colour and only available in limited numbers at Girls Drawing Girls booth 5628.
I will be at BOOM! studios booth (2743) during comicon drawing Muppet Show con-exclusive sketch covers, but if you buy a sketchbook and bring it over to Boom!, I will sign it and throw in a free sketch and a Ltd edition button NOT available anywhere except from me. 
A fine addition to your collection of hot retro chickie-babes sketchbooks.


droosan said...

I won't be at Comic-Con this year .. but I will definitely have to get your new book somehow!

Best wishes for to you and GDG at the Con..! ^_^

potato farm girl said...

Duhrrr! Let's trade!

Zakniteh said...

I just received both Stacked and On Air from Lulu. I love them! *glee* So many fun doodles and drawings. Love your work! LOVE!