Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why Disney Heroines suck

Because they WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Just when I think I've GOT all the Disney fanart out of my system, I find all this stuff in my old books that I never finished but which still look okay and I want to finish them and argh.
My sketchbook collection dates back to May 1984. That was when I was in hospital for an operation and my mother bought me a sketchbook to pass the time. That's where the dynasty started.
Yesterday I did a spine count and as of now, I have no fewer than EIGHT sketchbooks all in various stages of being filled. Oy, damn me and my fetish for nice new blank books...
Some of them are new, some of them have been in action since last year. Not only that, but I discovered that I hadn't numbered and chronicled any completed sketchbooks since around 2000.
So that killed half an hour. THAT'S where I found a whole bunch of sketches or scribbled notes for other Disney gal fanart I wanted to try.

Yeah, I'm one of those freaks who actually ENJOYED working at Disney and loves the characters. Yes, I like drawing Disney girls. Pretty toon girls rock.

So last night I whipped up a couple more 'retro pinup'-style pics of Ariel and Jasmine (they're over on my dA account) which made my message box explode with fangirl squee. Tonight I felt like going even simpler and did this little Mary Blair-inspired piece:


mayhem said...

HI AMY!!! I stumbled across your blog from Clio Chiang's. It turns out that we are working at the same studio! I love these re-vamped interpretations of some classic characters!

Amy said...

You work with Clio? That's so awesome, I'd love to meet her sometime.

SOMEDAY I'll get up there with the Scottster and visit you guys :(

kim said...

ho my.... I can totally understand! i've been drawing disney heroines for about a decade too. they wont leave me alone either

Tracy Mark Lee said...

Stumbled across your site while googling! Beautiful stuff!


Anonymous said...
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