Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Sketch Crawl

My contribution is.. kinda tiny, but I didn't forget!
Husband had to work yesterday, so I took myself out for coffee. The cafe was nice and full, so I ended up with a pretty okay batch of faces.

We went bowling last night with friends, of which my best friend Nikki makes two appearences on the sketches I made there.
I look at other artists with their cool sketchbooks of people-watching and when I do it, I invariably end up with just heads. I guess I just think faces are interesting :)

(she didn't REALLY do a voodoo dance, I just wanted someone to blame because I missed several easy spares ;p)

The weather has been fining up and aren't I LOVING IT!!!!

Over on dA, I've been keeping the masses happy with my Retro Disneygirls series. Ah well, they're enjoying themselves, even if their grammar makes me despair /_\.
This is probably my favourite one I've done so far. Making Cinderella into a pinup girl was TOO easy and TOO fun.

Oh, and I now have my own Myspace now, so if you have one too, fellow artists, I'd love to friend :)


Chris Battle said...

Amazing job on the "Retro Princesses" series, Amy! Mulan, Rose, and Malificent are too cool.

Amanda Vissell wound up doing "official" Disney stuff... I think these need to get the mouse-house stamp of approval so's we can all buy prints! :)

Amy said...

Haha. Iiiiiiii don't think the Mouse would approve of Pocahontas wearing nothing but her necklace, a strategically-placed leaf and a chance breeze...

This whole style is just basically me doing Shane Glines, anyway.
I hope he's not mad ;)

I might put a couple on the Moo cards I'm going to get made. If you're going to San Diego, I'll have to find you and we can swap :)

Jennifer said...

I love the expression on Scott's face as he regards Happy-Cooking Wife and Nearly-Empty Wine Bottle. :)

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Ha! That Cinderella drawing is great! Do you mind if I use it on my blog...with attribution of course!

Richard said...

Hiya Amy, I love those retro princesses! What a fantastic spin. Yeah, I see the Shane Glines influence, but you've done a nice job. Snow white would have to be my fave.

Amy said...

Eddie: Absolutely you can use it! Delighted you enjoy the picture :)

Clinton said...

This is my favorite art piece on your blog :) great stuff! Must've been real cool to work in Sydney, huh?