Thursday, May 03, 2007

New face

There's a final piece in Rosie's world that still had to be added.
With every Master must come... an apprentice.

Meet Joe. As average as his name, all Joe wants is someone to show him the way. To let him know he's not ENTIRELY useless and worthy of a purpose in this world.
Rosie has found her True Minion.

Could these three take over the world? Possibly.

Burns and Allen, Gleason and Carney, Savage and Hyneman....

Another rejected design for Joe, done to set proportions with Edie and Rosie. Scott and I decided he looked a bit too Schroeder and not enough Charlie Brown.

Sketch from the pocket book - I dunno why Tina came out decked like a Rainbow Brite Christmas Tree, she just DID.

Mucking around with brush pens.


Jason said...
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JawaKing said...

Oh yes! Thank the Dark One! More Rosie. There only one thing I love more than True's dancing girl ads on myspace, and that's Rosie.

Anthony Carpenter said...

I am in awe of your cartooning skills, Amy.
Joe is a great new character for the Rosie roster. Such an expressive face.
It looks like Rosie will be giving him the business every chance she gets.

Man, I needs me a Rosie comic. :)

Amy said...

She's busting to get the limelight SOMEHOW, I'm still in negotiations with her.

Little drama queen.

flaviano said...

wow you have a round sweet mark, i really like it, and i like the expression too!

dintoons said...

love these drawings and toons!!they are so cute :o)