Monday, February 19, 2007

Public Holiday Dump

Not much to do when your editor is enjoying HIS public holiday but your husband still has to work 9_9

I'm having an unabashed Shane Glines day today... You wouldn't believe how much jogging between Photoshop and Painter and Painter Classic it took just to find a bloody pastel brush worth a damn.

This one came out a lot better.

Always room for Rosie, even when she's not doing anything particularly naughty.

Tina - girl of many moods, most of them very enthusiastic.


Anthony Carpenter said...

I love the Modgirl so much I put it on my desktop. :)
The Rosie and Tina pages made me smile. They are full of terrific color, energy and expression.

cartoonretro said...

Cute! The chalk brush in Photoshop is my favorite.