Tuesday, March 17, 2009

..this thing on?


What have I been doing the last several months? Only the first, licensed, ORIGINAL Pixar comic stories with Boom! Studios.
Along with a bunch of other great writers and artists, we're all hard at work getting the first wave of stories going. Cars, Incredibles and the Muppet Show will be hitting stands very soon, followed by Finding Nemo, Muppet Show fairytales, Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Wall*E, the whole ball of glorious Pixar wax!

Needless to say, I can't show everything, but now that I have some release dates, look forward to seeing more of my covers and maybe some sample pages of my own titles - the first one involves monsters and doors.

This is variant cover A of Finding Nemo #1 - the interior artist is Erica Leigh Currey, but we're sharing cover duties. (they have to correct the above link to credit me properly, but it IS my art!)

I am thrilled to microscopic bits to be a part of this new series. It's a great plan to bring comics back to children again with characters we all know and love.

Eeeeh, it's a Pixar fan artist's dream job!! :)


eyemage said...


i had figured you were working on something sekrit!

Kelley said...

oh my gawd...congrats are definitely in order! Way to go and keep us all posted :)

Anonymous said...

that's SO huge
you so deserve it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Also, I like your cover better.

Bill the Splut said...

I sent the news to the friend for whom you made the "Jess and the Holograms" poster, saying "Hang on to that, it could be valuable some day!" and she wrote back:

"Are you kidding! I have my Jem picture hanging up! I would not get rid of that for a billion dollars!!!!"

(looks at KK & Byron picture, thinks) Well....maybe for TWO billion...

Ken said...

Wow, congratulations Amy!! I suspect there are even bigger things in the future for you. = )

Gabapple said...

Where's the April Fool's? :(