Monday, March 16, 2009

Kingdom of Slackola

You know what's annoying apart from not being able to post real work?
Filling up a moly and then trying to decide what to post now and what to keep for the next sketchbook collection.

Anywho, here are some potted highlights, practising human and animal caricaturing!


Fabian said...

Beautiful work!! And im loving that penguin!! More more!! :)

Ken said...

Yes, I agree...your work is lovely Amy. Did you do some drawing at the aquarium or is that penguin straight out of your head? Great skills regardless, Lucille's caricature is bang on!

Amy said...

The penguin (and all my animal drawings) are based on photos.
I find a neat animal photo and then try to caricature it, think about how the anatomy fits together, stuff like that.
I don't get out to the zoo often enough and small children peering over my shoulder annoys me ;)

Anonymous said...

love Lucy!

Jo said...

"My food. Fuck off." That cracked me up. Gorgeous sketches as usual!