Friday, November 09, 2007


I'm going through all my archives looking for material for a craft project I'm working on (more on that in a future entry) and thought I'd post a few things from the Dead End pile.

A good friend of ours loves birds. A LOT. His children consist of a flock of Gouldian finches, six cockatiels(sketches here) and a cranky but hilarious African Grey called Grumbles(sketches here). Dogs and cats are represented left right and centre in comics, but where's the parrot humour? They're very entertaining when they're just being parrots.... at least I think so :/

Concept art for a Tokyopop/Harper-Collins title ("The Faerie Path") that I 'auditioned' for - I didn't get it, but probably for the best - I like doing girly stuff, but this audition came RIGHT when I'd just found out that Diva was cancelled. I wasn't in the best mood that week, so the art probably wasn't as good as it might have been in my usual gung-ho attitude.

I was asked back in Feb if I was interested in drawing Tokyopop's Princess Ai comic strip. Although I was bucking to get my OWN title, Divalicious!, into the funnies, I though what the hey. I did some concept art and sample strips, talked to people at New York Con and decided there and then to bail amicably.
Let's just call it artistic differences and leave it at that.

I'm ready to go back to animation. I had lunch with the lovely Ward Jenkins and the shagadelic Eric Weise the other day. But more on that, later, too ;)


Katie said...

There are just not enough comics with cockatiels out there! :) I remember a webcomic that used to have one as a character, but I believe it ended long ago. Hooray!

And isn't Princess Ai the comic about Courtney Love? Hmm...

MarĂ­a said...

I don't like birds, but your drawing is so amazing! ^^

Ken said...

wow nice sketches

Joe Karg said...

I really like your drawings. The birds are great, and I especailly like the tribute to Ollie. Very cool. Can't wait to see more.