Monday, November 26, 2007


Still haven't seen it yet, but felt like slapping a pencil around, throwing open Photoshop and doing those two new crazy kids...

I finished this a few weeks ago. I've had this image in my head for a while and really wanted a proper retro look. It's kinda me and my younger sister, not based on any actual event or anything.


Anthony Carpenter said...

Cool Enchanted pic. You captured the characters nicely.
The movie is plenty of fun. It was great to see 2D animation on the big screen again. It's the kind of movie that puts you in a good mood.

The sunset image is wonderful. When I opened the larger version and saw the little butterfly that your sister is looking at, I had to sit back and smile. Her expression, the body language, the colors, that cool retro fence; everything just comes together so well.

This would make a great print.

Kristen McCabe said...

you're the one with the bowlcut right? :D

Have you finally seen Enchanted yet? It was cute ...kinda cheesy but cute.

Clio said...

Augh I love it!!! I love your Giselle vs. Ariel pic on Deviant!