Sunday, August 26, 2007

Post-it Party

Hey. Yeah, I'm still alive, just pottering around with various personal projects as well as complete Vol. 2 of Divalicious.
I've decided to do the cool blog endeavour of self-publishing a sketchbook. I'm not sure what theme(s) it will take yet, but obviously it'll need new art. I wanted to try something inspired by the doodlings of Chris Battle and Kristen McCabe and have post-it notes on-hand to do little things on. I kinda got carried away because I now have a couple dozen of the things done. Here's just one page of them.
Some of the pics are just created off the top of my head, but most of them are inspired by old ads or a kistchy piece of wrapping paper.

Another thing I wanted to get under my belt - sculpting! I had a heap of old SuperSculpy lying around but it was hard as a rock from poor storage. A few drops of softener and a lot of gentle kneading(with a claw hammer) and it was usable again.

She's been in the oven - her pigtails and ribbons got a little toasty, there, but paint will cover those up. I think she came out rather well, just as I think Rosie'd look in 3D.

A pic done for a new dA comm I was invited to. The theme was 'heart accessories'


Chris Battle said...

Dang! I better get doodling or you'll use up all the available Post-It's out there!

Love that "Paris-ite" at the bottom. Brilliant.

Amy said...

Drawing social parasites is just TOO easy ;)

Kristen McCabe said...

Those are soooo Cool! I adore the fashionistas and the cemetery post-it is to die for. oh hee hee! I'm so funny. tap tap this thing on?

The other day I was at Office Depot and I found some jumbo post-its. Of course I bought them right away. I'm trying to keep an eye out for brown recycled paper post-its.

oh, and the last pic is hilarious!

Let us know when your sketchbook comes out. Do you have the sketchbok "Fragments" by Ronnie Del Carmen and Enrico Casarosa? Ronnie's section of the book is awesome he has tons of sketches on post-its and one on a napkin. It's a fantastic book.

Amy said...

Thanks Kristen, delighted they gave you a giggle :)
No, the only Ronnie Del Carmen sketchbook I've seen is the Three Trees Make a Forest one.

The graveyard one came about from some cheesy 40's radio horror serial I was listening to.

I envy anyone who can just scribble stuff out. I end up working mine so they end up looking a lot more polished than something dashed off quickly...

I have a little recycled paper sketchbook which only cost me 75 cents. The paper is REALLY cheap and pulpy and a bit unforgiving of coloured pencil, but good for that Drink-and-Draw scribble paper look.


I would buy more post its if they looked that cool.

kim said...

the chiwawa rocks!

Leo Batic said...

You´re art is great.
Each piece has live and energy.
Very creative.