Friday, March 26, 2010

Where the attempts at Magic happen

My workcrib - it's what all the cool artists do and if I do it, I'll be cool too, right?

Ye olde drawing board(looking a LOT tidier than usual because I just finished pencilling an issue). Old Disney friends will recognise quite a few toys up there.
The red and yellow blob on the shelf is the ComiCon 07 My Little Pony special. Super-Pony, yaaaay!
Note the home-made Muppet model screencaps. I don't trust anything Muppety that's not drawn by Michael Frith, so I go straight to the DVDs ;)

Computer corner. This is Eve, the second workstation Scott has built for me over the years. The Eve rug on the floor is a lot dirtier than it looks since a certain dog showed up. On the window sill are the My Little Pony collection (shut up) and various vintage ornaments (and Spooky).
On the wall - my treasured hi-res scan of Chris Sanders' original Lilo watercolour.
Don't ask how I got it.

The lesser-used corner of the room since I got the Cintiq. Both the lightbox and the folder shelf are ex-Disney and at the back is basically my archives and ephemera collections. Work in progress.
Next to the lightbox is a pile of stuff waiting to be framed. Luv my art.


TJ Lubrano said...

Oooh it's so cool to have a peek at where the magic happens ^_^! You're work space is awesome! Hopefully mine will be something like that as well.

Thanks so much for sharing!
Take care and have a nice weekend,

Valerie said...

Love your workroom. :D Maybe one day mine will be as awesome as yours. ;)

Ps- <3 The little pony collection. The SDCC pony is such an awesome pony. :D

San Smith said...

Thanks for sharing these! I found your blog the other day, and this was a nice surprise post to pop up after words. :) I'm always curious to see other artist's spaces, especially when they have cintiqs (to see if they know of a better desk set up!)

Enjoying your blog lots!

Heidi D said...

My little ponies are the bomb. One of the reasons I love Ebay. My mom threw out my Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Blossom, Minty, and my favorite Applejack.

I always wanted the Pony Solon. I think my neighbor got one.

WV acholing...doesn't that sound like a college activity, or a Saturday night?

Damontsar said...

As Always Love the site wish you had more of your art...

Heidi D said...

I wonder why neither of my comments were published.

It must be a computer problem.

I basically said, cool space, I love ponies, and I miss mine. My daughter has a ton though, because I live vicariously through her.

Kristen McCabe said...

Excellent workcrib! You get extra cool points for the My Little Pony and the Pixar stuff. yay!