Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boom! goes mah brain

So, I guess my little handful of followers have noticed my updates are a little sporadic. There's a reason for that... THIS:

These are all the variant covers I've done from 2009 to the present. Bear in mind, these DON'T include the 9 covers for the two titles I drew cover-to-cover (Monsters Inc. 1-4 and Muppet Peter Pan). No wonder I'm bloody tired!
There are 3 other covers I've done which I can't reveal yet - 1 Nemo, 1 Toy Story and 1.... secret Boom!/Disney title I can't talk about yet but which is super cool ;)

These are the 4 covers I did for Muppet King Arthur (currently in release). My intention with them was to make a set that would form a really awesome gatefold. This is literally the first time I've strung them all together. Not bad!
I also designed and made the logo on the end. Once upon a time, I was a liiiittle obsessed with illuminated manuscripts. When I went to the British Museum, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

So what's on my desk right now? Drawing Muppet Show issues 4-7, with script by (who else?) Roger Langridge. After that - well, that's up to the whim of my editor. And he is a man of many whims. It won't be NOTHING, I know that much.
I am so lucky to do what I do.


Kyrstin said...

I love love love the Muppet King Arthur piece. They all fit so perfectly with their given roles; you did a great job pulling off each's personality.

And yes, Illuminated Manuscripts are easy to be addicted to. We just studied them briefly in my art history class, and it's jaw dropping the detail in some of those pages!

droosan said...

Well, I knew you weren't doing NOTHING .. but it's cool to see a gatherum of what you HAVE been doing! ^_^

All of these covers are very nice; especially the Muppet King Arthur 'gatefold' (the logo is awesome, as well).

Not having to wonder WHETHER you'll have work for the forseeable future is a wonderful (and, sadly, all-too-rare) situation for a working artist. Best wishes, for whatever comes next..!

droosan said...

Oh, I knew you weren't doing NOTHING .. but it's nice to see much of what you've BEEN doing gathered together in one place!

Lovely cover art .. especially the Muppet King Arthur 'gatefold' (the logo is awesome, as well).

Best wishes with whatever comes next..! ^_^

droosan said...

oop. Ignore my second post; I thought that first one may have just 'vanished' into the internet ether, so I re-posted .. but I see it's just that you're 'moderating' comments, now. =>_<=

Anonymous said...

First off, I've never posted a comment here before. I really enjoyed your latest book. I'm just a novice fan of animation and your blog is full of amzing work. The Muppets panels are exceedingly well done. I know this is all cliche but it makes it no less true. Great work, I hope you publish more.

Thanks for taking the time to post this stuff,

Rich Smith

Anonymous said...

The Muppet King Arthur covers are exquisite! Piggy is dazzling and I actually laughed out loud at The Lady of the Lake.

Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................