Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've had Sketchbook Pro on my computer for yonks, but I rarely use it. It seems to be one of those programs used by people who actually HAVE a staff job in animation and get to work on a Cintiq all day. Lucky ratbags ;p


damon said...

i like

Fabian said...

I also have sketchbook pro, but i only have the trial version, so i am saving my last 10 free trials. I would love to have cintiq so i understand how you feel. Anyway, with no cintiq i think you did a really great job here, beautiful sketch!

KGLO said...

Wandered here from Ravelry, and I wanted to let you know that I, too, have suffered a painful flapper haircut. ugh. (although the 1988-2008 drawing was very entertaining and rang some strange bells)

Also, I LOVE the "Party like it's 1900 sketch!"


pablo pablo said...

very nice!

SaraH said...

Hello! I´m from Spain. I love your work, specially Disney's draws.

I like draw pin ups girls. This is my blog: www.aliciaexpulsada.blogspot.com

I hope you like

(sorry for my english... is horrible)


Joe Bluhm said...

Amy, your work is so fun, so good!