Monday, July 28, 2008

Badcrumble concepts

Just a couple of test-colour pieces for my Badcrumble story. I tried inking with a brush-pen on this one, going for a slightly more Bruce Timm-ish look, but I think I'll stick to inking with grey Pitt pens for the final version - I think they blend better with the Copic shading.


mayhem said...

sweet colours

EL GRANDE said...

Killer Art Jumble pieces below. This comic page really pops as well.

Cool stuff,
Joe y Elio

sailorzeo said...

I think I adore Franz. He just looks so happy to be there. He's so...well, the perfect contrast to the rest of the band. :)

Scripto said...

Beautiful the drawings, sorry but my English is not good, but I like much as you draw, greetings from Argentina.