Friday, May 30, 2008

Wuv Wosie

You know, I've decided that Painter 9 and I just aren't going to get along. I'm sure it could do everything I could ask of a digital paint program, but the interface and menus are too damn bloated and complex and badly-organised.
If I do any more of these, I might try doing them hard-copy with markers and pens. Try drawing a reasonably straight line free-hand with a tablet.

I got my copy of Dream Worlds the other day. Ooooooooh. Drool, baby, drool. If you get no other artbook this year, get this one. Hans has finally shown me the light on how to do frame layouts properly.


Comic Trio said...

I totally addicted to your style, and we've just featured your Thorn site and this blog in our team's comic blog, chek it out :D

Howard Shum said...

Nice art on you blog!

Tanja said...

Just happened across your blog while doing a random search -- looks like you have alot fun with your sketching! :)

I picked up Bacher's Dream Worlds once the English version was finally available on Amazon...worth every dollar! Does your copy have that duplicate page, too? I got an email the other day about a PDF of the actual page being available "soon" on the publisher's website (I'd sent them one asking about the blooper).


Amy said...

tanja - I didn't spot a duplicate, no. But then, I'm a bit durr sometimes and miss things.

I was too busy drooling over the art.

mayhem said...

Hi Amy! Thats exactly how i felt working at the studio with you and all those other guys around me. And what was great about that was i could ask you guys for help when i wanted to! Thanks for helping me become a better artist:)

aTanguay said...

Have you tried 'Art Rage'?

I too wanted to love Painter, but just can't stand the bloat. But Art Rage is so simple but powerful. I use on my Tablet PC and it is just amazing.

LVE your love love