Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We all read the same blogs, we all feel the sadness.

Goodbye Ollie. Hope you're having roaring good times with Frank and Marie again.
Funny. When Steve Irwin died, I sent him in the other direction.


Robert Islas said...

Awe... poor ollie. > :

Juanma said...

yeah i have it on my nickname, its sad he was the last old men to die.
Anyway for once sec i thought you were sending croc hunter down to hell, thank God i spotted the angel wings!

Amy said...

Oh Steve would NEVER be sent to hell, he was too awesome for that!

He'd go there himself just to show that demons aren't EVIL, just misunderstood ;)

Alex said...

Great post about Ollie.And really beautiful drawing too.

FinnFactory said...

This is quite nice, thanks for posting.