Monday, February 18, 2008


This is Morgs. He's one of my parents' two Australian terriers. He's also a very sick little guy.
On Saturday, he woke up with his legs paralysed and unable to walk. My parents immediately suspected the curse of Eastern Australian dog-lovers - the paralysis tick. Sure enough, a 3-day tick was found on his leg that had been missed and its neurotoxin had hit him big time. He's now in his forth day of veterinary intensive care, completely physically paralysed and suffering aspiration pneumonia (the big side-effect killer). He can't even close his eyes from the paralysis. Luckily, he has around-the-clock care by some amazing vets, without whom he'd surely have died. He's not out of the woods yet by a long way, but I've been worrying about him constantly and felt like sketching him in his normal, ball-of-energy way. Maybe some healing karma will reach him.


Sally said...

Hang in there Morgs! *virtual hugs*

Richard said...

Nasty damn things those ticks. Hope the pooch is getting better.

Pat McMicheal said...

Amy, You have such a wonderful drawing style...Im trying to find your website, do you have one?

Amy said...

Pat: There's a banner to it right on the front page of the blog -

Not that I update it much - anything new I do goes on here, my deviantart account or my Flickr account
(all linked on the front page)