Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Sketch Dump.

Nothing like starting the new year in yet ANOTHER holding pattern ;)

Waiting for work to start on two separate directions... one of which I REALLY WANT more than the other, but it's all work. Over on my deviantart account, you'll find what's kept me busy thus far - commissions.

But here, have some sketchbook pages!

Went to Portland Library and flipped through a book on extinct/endangered birds. One skill I want to improve on is animal caricature. Can't character-design without it!
I'm pretty happy with the duck, that seems to be in the right direction...

Entry needs more girlz

I've been knitting a lot of socks lately and a diversion of mine is to check out my local yarn stores (or LYS as they're known among knitterati). Mmm, therapeutic...

Just another afternoon at the cafe.


Chris Battle said...

Yarn perv.

Anne-arky said...

haha...I *love* your doodles of the fat tabby cat! She looks like my own obese feline.

Amy said...

Yarn perv.

I know :(