Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fantasy Lust Day

Because the Doctor is YUMMY, that's why.
As an Old-Who fan, I CAN at least agree with the New Who teenybop fangirl crowd on that one ;)

The She-ra gag I posted the other day was accompanied by several pages of conceptual She-Ra redesign sketches. I think a slick Bruce Timm-style treatment would work well for She-Ra :)
So here they are... along with a random Dalek.

Incidentally, I just opened a Flickr account to bundle some of my art together. The whole Pinup Disney Girls series is there, along with a sketchbook folder as well.
Also.. look, you arty people, come on over to ChannelFrederator! It's very new(only 200 members so far) and is kinda like Myspace/Facebook for artists. I just posted *gasp* my Disney demo reel over there.
*hides behind couch*


Burton said...

She Ra!!! Those sketches are gorgeous! Shmick showreel over on Frederator too- ah, the memories...

Lotta pencil mileage...

Hope all is glorious in the United States of Mebbo! :D

Amy said...

Azzaaaaa! :)

...dude, you have, like, SIX blogs and no comments enabled on any of them!

Burton said...

too many blogs, but navigating them works kinda like a portfolio website... cheapskate or genius?!
Most of my hits come from your blog and last an average 2 seconds! Either your readers have a VERY short attention span or you're a hard act to follow!!! ;)
No comments enabled, but my email address IS on every page...

PS. Your post has led me to bid on a SheRa on ebay!!! Curse you! I can't afford more toys! ARGHHH!!!

Sparky Firepants said...

Hey, is that little robot the same little robot I saw on "Merry Christmas Mr. Bean?"

Do you even know what I'm talking about?