Monday, June 04, 2007

Faces and memes a-gogo

More raiding of magazines. The 70's were a wonderful decade for fugly men.

Unlike the 50's, when EVERYONE was starch-pressed and Orlonated.

There is no music too kitschy for my iPod.

Pet project of mine - This is potentially page 1 of 200-odd 'mood memes' turned into little Rosie gags. I wonder if this is the sort of thing Image would be interested in?


JawaKing said...

Are you making fun of Chuck Connors? The Rifleman?! The man who was Branded?! And then that serial killer in that odd movie I rented one time?! What? Oh... yay, more Rosie!

Amy said...

If that's the same Chuck Connors who was in this ad (c.1977), time (and the Speed Queen whitegoods company) weren't very good to him ;)

goldenrusset said...

love your stuff.. i link you now