Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Comic Book Day!

I'll be appearing at Floating World comics this coming Saturday to pimp the comic-y love that is FCBD.
BOOM! are making available Mark Waid's 'Irredeemable' and Jesse Snider/Nate Watson's 'Toy Story' as their freebies this year, but Floating World are going to have free posters of my stuff to sign and very limited quantities of Muppet Show #4 as a blank sketch cover. Buy the comic, I draw the cover character of your choice!

So if you're local, drop in and paw some awesome books!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Art cardage

Couple of art cards done for the Paediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation's big art card auction.
If you're artsy and wish to donate, drop them an email!

Monday, April 19, 2010

C2E2 roundup

The inaugural year of C2E2 (Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo) is over. McCormick Place is a fantastic con site and the space was great. HUGE. The attendance wasn't quite as high as most of us were expecting. Initially we wondered if it was just the HUGE SPACE and very wide aisles making the crowds look smaller than they really were, but being the con's first year, I guess not as many people came as people might have hoped. BOOM!'s best day was Sunday - when kids under 12 got in free. Monsters Inc and Toy Story trades sold out and Muppet Peter Pan & Incredibles also sold VERY very well. Yaaaaay!
So what did I do this past weekend? Lots of these:

(heh-heh... please ignore the Tiana pin-up and the super-deformed She-ra girls, that's just my portfolio...)
In fact, according to my waiting list notes, I did a grand total of 188 sketch covers over 3 days. Give or take a few. It was a great big blur. After crunching some numbers, here are the results of the popularity character poll:
Most popular request - Kermit. I am fine with this, because I never get tired of drawing that frog.
2nd most popular - Animal. He was most popular on Friday, but overall he nudged out Piggy by one cover. She will not be happy to hear this.

Another request I had a few times was to draw Muppet versions of attendees. This was really fun. This gentleman was the first one to ask.

Several others followed, including one little customer who made for instant 'd'awwwwwww' all around and was the star of many Tweets.

I got to meet some lovely people and fellow BOOM! creators, including the smashing Jesse Blaze Snider, writer of Muppet Snow White and Toy Story for BOOM! He asked for a picture and I absolutely had to oblige. His dad is.... pretty well-known.

We subtitled it "Separated at Birth".

ps - for those wondering why their comments don't seem to show up, I have comments on 'moderate' to keep the spam out. I also don't check nearly as often as I should, so don't worry, your comments WILL get unlocked.