Sunday, August 26, 2007

Post-it Party

Hey. Yeah, I'm still alive, just pottering around with various personal projects as well as complete Vol. 2 of Divalicious.
I've decided to do the cool blog endeavour of self-publishing a sketchbook. I'm not sure what theme(s) it will take yet, but obviously it'll need new art. I wanted to try something inspired by the doodlings of Chris Battle and Kristen McCabe and have post-it notes on-hand to do little things on. I kinda got carried away because I now have a couple dozen of the things done. Here's just one page of them.
Some of the pics are just created off the top of my head, but most of them are inspired by old ads or a kistchy piece of wrapping paper.

Another thing I wanted to get under my belt - sculpting! I had a heap of old SuperSculpy lying around but it was hard as a rock from poor storage. A few drops of softener and a lot of gentle kneading(with a claw hammer) and it was usable again.

She's been in the oven - her pigtails and ribbons got a little toasty, there, but paint will cover those up. I think she came out rather well, just as I think Rosie'd look in 3D.

A pic done for a new dA comm I was invited to. The theme was 'heart accessories'

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Swag and Saddleshoes

I didn't get as much drawing done at San Diego Con as I would have liked. The sheer crowds made sketch-meets a bit difficult - plus I hardly knew anyone outside of my posse of Tokyopop editors and they don't draw :/

Steven Cummings: *grunt*
Paul Benjamin: heh, issa GIRL!
Amy: I hear a gin and tonic...

Suffering low blood sugar, Amy starts dining on Steven's shoulder while T Campbell scares the straights with his sportin' new Amish fuzz...

Shilling is an ART, dammit.

Bryce Coleman, Best Editor Ever. You can't have him, he's mine...

As for stuff I picked up, I got Clio Chiang's Sketchbook, Kristen McCabe's 'Morsels', Chris Sanders' sketchbook, Flight 4, Johane Matte's 'Horus'(plus her bonus Potter fan comic), Rik Maki's two sketchbooks and whatever the hell one gets from Joshua Elder when you share a Corona with him at 2am and all the hotel bars are closed. ;)

Faces at the airport plus randomly doodling faces because Rik Maki is the MAN.

I call this one 'SUCK it, Harmonians!'

Rosie doing some final warmup exercises.

The overture has begun, and as you'll see over above the Divalicious! cover in the margin there, Thorn is now live!
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, fresh strips. Yum.