Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

...and a Happy Good Beer.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Art Jumble

The Light-headed Shallow-maid. Attracted to low-surf beaches with lots of bronzer.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Still haven't seen it yet, but felt like slapping a pencil around, throwing open Photoshop and doing those two new crazy kids...

I finished this a few weeks ago. I've had this image in my head for a while and really wanted a proper retro look. It's kinda me and my younger sister, not based on any actual event or anything.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Summer of '57

Went antiquing at Sellwood today and found a couple more old cookbooks with nice illustrations. I decided to take a leaf from them and do the Bishop women all relaxing on a nice day.

Friday, November 09, 2007


I'm going through all my archives looking for material for a craft project I'm working on (more on that in a future entry) and thought I'd post a few things from the Dead End pile.

A good friend of ours loves birds. A LOT. His children consist of a flock of Gouldian finches, six cockatiels(sketches here) and a cranky but hilarious African Grey called Grumbles(sketches here). Dogs and cats are represented left right and centre in comics, but where's the parrot humour? They're very entertaining when they're just being parrots.... at least I think so :/

Concept art for a Tokyopop/Harper-Collins title ("The Faerie Path") that I 'auditioned' for - I didn't get it, but probably for the best - I like doing girly stuff, but this audition came RIGHT when I'd just found out that Diva was cancelled. I wasn't in the best mood that week, so the art probably wasn't as good as it might have been in my usual gung-ho attitude.

I was asked back in Feb if I was interested in drawing Tokyopop's Princess Ai comic strip. Although I was bucking to get my OWN title, Divalicious!, into the funnies, I though what the hey. I did some concept art and sample strips, talked to people at New York Con and decided there and then to bail amicably.
Let's just call it artistic differences and leave it at that.

I'm ready to go back to animation. I had lunch with the lovely Ward Jenkins and the shagadelic Eric Weise the other day. But more on that, later, too ;)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ninety-five, good lord...

I'm posting this across all my art outlets because Ollie is WORTH IT. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boffo Socko Sketcho Dumporama

Ugh.. I'm so tired of having all this stuff lying around in sketchbooks. Some of it I'm wanting to save for a proper published sketchbook, but when I saw how MUCH of it I had, I figured I can't be precious about EVERYTHING I draw.

So here we go, 4 pages from my current sketch journal:

Last night I started fiddling around with that Tenth Doctor sketch I posted yesterday.
I went to bed at 1am after kinda sorta turning it into this:

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fantasy Lust Day

Because the Doctor is YUMMY, that's why.
As an Old-Who fan, I CAN at least agree with the New Who teenybop fangirl crowd on that one ;)

The She-ra gag I posted the other day was accompanied by several pages of conceptual She-Ra redesign sketches. I think a slick Bruce Timm-style treatment would work well for She-Ra :)
So here they are... along with a random Dalek.

Incidentally, I just opened a Flickr account to bundle some of my art together. The whole Pinup Disney Girls series is there, along with a sketchbook folder as well.
Also.. look, you arty people, come on over to ChannelFrederator! It's very new(only 200 members so far) and is kinda like Myspace/Facebook for artists. I just posted *gasp* my Disney demo reel over there.
*hides behind couch*

Friday, October 26, 2007

Omgs 80's warrior fanart!

All the times she called him 'Brother dear', I don't think she was being entirely sincere ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Skank-ho Day!

I officially declare this Sketch-a-Ho day.

Swimsuits up till the early 60's were a hundred times sexier than the shoelaces that pass today. And the models SMILED.
I've seen at least 3 female celebrities on tv this week with that... it's not pectus excavatum, but that freakish bony hollow between their boobs. It looks fricking revolting, and I'm not sure if it's a result of aging, malnutrition, too much exercise or botched boob jobs.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Practice and Post-its

Practiced some inking this afternoon on Rosie and Edie... this is after my usual daily task of two completed strips.

Another page from the archive of post-its. I've slacked off these a bit lately, I might do some more this week... now that my new ipod Nani is digesting 17.5 gigs of music, I have plenty of material.
And I haven't even started uploading my Eurovision collections yet. >:)

And now, your daily Inspiration from Rosie:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red Blues

I was just watching this clip from 'Silk Stockings' on Youtube.
I saw it on tv over a year ago and Cyd Charisse just blew me away, so I had to find her again and sketch her.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Fun Retro Day

Another fish for the Disney fan-seagulls - Retro Elastigirl

I've been toying with designing a bunch of characters that so far have defied efforts to visualise them - BBC's Goons.

Maybe SOME time I'll bend Flash to my will enough to animate them :/

One of Diva 2's chapter bumpers, with some colour thrown on.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Your daily Awwwww

My ipod keeps playing this song to me..

(totally not fishing here, 'peer' just rhymed well ;))

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Post-it Party

Hey. Yeah, I'm still alive, just pottering around with various personal projects as well as complete Vol. 2 of Divalicious.
I've decided to do the cool blog endeavour of self-publishing a sketchbook. I'm not sure what theme(s) it will take yet, but obviously it'll need new art. I wanted to try something inspired by the doodlings of Chris Battle and Kristen McCabe and have post-it notes on-hand to do little things on. I kinda got carried away because I now have a couple dozen of the things done. Here's just one page of them.
Some of the pics are just created off the top of my head, but most of them are inspired by old ads or a kistchy piece of wrapping paper.

Another thing I wanted to get under my belt - sculpting! I had a heap of old SuperSculpy lying around but it was hard as a rock from poor storage. A few drops of softener and a lot of gentle kneading(with a claw hammer) and it was usable again.

She's been in the oven - her pigtails and ribbons got a little toasty, there, but paint will cover those up. I think she came out rather well, just as I think Rosie'd look in 3D.

A pic done for a new dA comm I was invited to. The theme was 'heart accessories'

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Swag and Saddleshoes

I didn't get as much drawing done at San Diego Con as I would have liked. The sheer crowds made sketch-meets a bit difficult - plus I hardly knew anyone outside of my posse of Tokyopop editors and they don't draw :/

Steven Cummings: *grunt*
Paul Benjamin: heh, issa GIRL!
Amy: I hear a gin and tonic...

Suffering low blood sugar, Amy starts dining on Steven's shoulder while T Campbell scares the straights with his sportin' new Amish fuzz...

Shilling is an ART, dammit.

Bryce Coleman, Best Editor Ever. You can't have him, he's mine...

As for stuff I picked up, I got Clio Chiang's Sketchbook, Kristen McCabe's 'Morsels', Chris Sanders' sketchbook, Flight 4, Johane Matte's 'Horus'(plus her bonus Potter fan comic), Rik Maki's two sketchbooks and whatever the hell one gets from Joshua Elder when you share a Corona with him at 2am and all the hotel bars are closed. ;)

Faces at the airport plus randomly doodling faces because Rik Maki is the MAN.

I call this one 'SUCK it, Harmonians!'

Rosie doing some final warmup exercises.

The overture has begun, and as you'll see over above the Divalicious! cover in the margin there, Thorn is now live!
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, fresh strips. Yum.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comic Con, the Warm-up

I'm not going to write up my entire Comic Con experience right now, as it's late and I'm tired. But yes, I got through it, did my panels and talked to some really neat artists - especially a big wave to Clio for being so nice and putting up with my fangirly presence at the Flight table ;)

I'll do a proper post with Con doodles and a list of my swag later.

In an amusing side-note, T got this email from the Library of Congress, where they're in the process of cataloguing Divalicious!
Mostly it's about them needing more information to store T on the database, but I found it amusing that there's only one other Mebberson in their catalog, and he's a second cousin I've never met in my life.

I KNEW there was a damn good reason to work under my maiden name.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

San Diego Con - SCHEDULE!

Just getting all my bits and pieces together for SDCC.

I'm doing two panels for Tokyopop on Friday:
Drawing for Manga 12.30-1.30
Fashion in Manga 2-3pm

Then a Creator's signing on Sunday at 11am

Saturday, I have nothing scheduled, so if anyone else wants to get the hell out of the massive crowd crush and go cafe-sketching, I'm up!

So if you're drifting past the Tokyopop booth and hear a loud blonde Australian hogging the mic, that's me*wave*. At some point, I'll make my way to Small Press and find as MANY of my favourite bloggers as possible and buy lots of sketchbooks and Flight 4.
The only event I'm hell-bent on attending is Jerry Beck's Worst Cartoons Ever on Fri night, so Brew fans, see you there!

The rest of the time I shall spend reeling at the sheer size of this thing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Return to Labyrinth bonus

Return to Labyrinth is Tokyopop's licensed sequel series to Labyrinth. I discovered that other creators had been invited to contribute bonus 'fanart' for Vol.2. I hadn't heard about this so I emailed and asked my editor. They said sure and sorry I hadn't been told sooner, but the deadline is Friday. I looked at the other submissions - pretty standard manga splash-page stuff, so I decided to be different in media AND presentation and made it a full-page gag in pencil.
It's a little rough around the edges, but that's just trim area.

In other news... T and I need help. We were informed on Fri 13th that Tokyopop are not optioning future Divalicious! volumes for 'fiscal' reasons. There's nothing wrong with the series itself or T and my work, but in a nutshell, they're citing poor sales as a reason to pull the plug.
Bear in mind, Diva has only been out for FOUR MONTHS and got very little publicity, but that's a whole 'nother rant which I shall not go into here.

So let the word go out - if you haven't already, please consider dropping by your local Borders/comic store, checking Divalicious! out and buying a copy. We'll both be at San Diego with bells on and the book will also be available at the Tokyopop booth.

This whole situation utterly sucks and it's taken me most of the week to emotionally claw back up. We worked our arses off on Divalicious!, we are fiercely proud of it and believe in its potential.

Tina deserves a better chance than this to shine.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mmmm... con special....

Phew, ALMOST finished all the DIVA stuff for SDCC. This is the new cover for the con special. There'll only be 150 of these, given away as a free gift with any purchase of Divalicious 1. The gift will also include a free button (one of 3 designs) and the postcard below.

If I run into anyone, I'll likely be hauling a stack of these cards and if you mention my blog, I'll throw in a badge as well as swapsies with any MOO cards you may have on your person!

For the comic cover and Tina's bed of TP graphic novels, I deliberately picked ones that TP Marketing never seem to give any attention to. Case in point - if they DID give Diva proper attention, I wouldn't have to make all this free stuff (unpaid, I might add).


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Platform, San Fran & ROOOCHESTER!!!

Okay, lots to update, time to bulletise!

* PLATFORM: Second of Amid's 'Design Daze' sessions was fantastic - a lecture on Tom Oreb. His slides were great and demonstrated the tried-and-true principles of good, striking character design that is stylised, but still flexible and animatable.
I got all inspired and have been watching 'Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom' over and over again just taking it all in. I'm determined to utilise a good old-school stylised look for Rosie. My biggest weakness is layouts - I don't think I'm very good at it. I'm sure there's some basic fundamental rule of perspective that I'm missing and the penny just hasn't dropped yet.
But I ADORE the 50's Oreb/Blair/Noble style and it means I can blow off the perspective a bit ;)

(I was listening to old Jack Benny shows when I did this. Amazing those are still funny after 60+ years)

I'm totally anti-child, but I saw this ad in an old mag and just went 'awwwwwww' :)

* Went to San Fran for a week to visit the sister-in-law and chill(as much as one CAN chill in 90+ degree heat). We unfortunately had to miss the Tezuka exhibition because of lack of time, but when I discovered the exhibition originated in Melbourne, I have a SNEAKING hunch I've already seen it.
But the highlight was undoubtedly our pilgrimage to the scorching fields of Santa Rosa and the Charles Schulz museum.

Oh wow. MECCA!

The Warm Puppy Cafe, Sparky's desk, Meredith's bedroom mural, Christo's wrapped doghouse. The store was a LITTLE disappointing - no good pins or posters, I only found one women's babydoll tee of snoopy(I REALLY wanted a crabby Lucy one) and not many nice collectables or objets. The Mall of America had MUCH better stuff.
We did a bit of a drive around the ice arena looking for 1 Snoopy Place (Sparky's actual home and Peanuts world HQ), but it was blistering hot and we had one more stop. We'd come this far... and Sebastopol was only 6 miles away...

Sorry I missed meeting you properly, Sparky.
To be fair, his grave is NOT hard to miss. The Pleasant Hills Cemetary isn't exactly signposted well, but when you drive in, WHAM, there he is, marked with a stone bench engraved with Snoopy, Sharlie Brown, Lucy and Linus.

The 11-12 hour drive down and back was spent doodling trees with my Copics and brainstorming future Divalicious story ideas.

For some reason, one day a few weeks back, I couldn't get 'Hairspray' out of my head.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Platform Tuesday

America's first International Animation Festival and it's right here in my town, whoo!
There are only a few panels I wanted to go to (and I couldn't afford the $50-a-day passes), the first two were yesterday.
Renegade Animators, with Bill Plympton, Danny Antonucci and David Wachtenheim.
They had some interesting comments, although I really didn't see the 'renegade' part. Danny and David work for major networks and Bill outright said he's sick of being called 'renegade' and would happily whore himself to the next big studio who asked. Not that I'd blame him in the least, I know I'D like to have a huge money-marketing-distribution machine behind me if I wanted to make a feature film or tv show.

Then came a simply corking 90 minutes of 50's toons, Design Daze, delivered by the lovely Amid Amidi. It was fantastic, although the aircon in there was a LITTLE chilly ;)
Those 50's designers and directors STILL leave modern stuff in the dust in terms of sheer whimsical/insane design. More than Meets the Eye had figures that were almost Miro-ish and fantastically inventive depictions of sound, especially radio waves and a disembodied suitcase making its way to a business pitch for CBS radio.
My other favourite was Energetically Yours, an ESSO film praising fossil fuels and EXPERTLY aping Ronald Searle's style.

Ah, 50's propanda, how I love you.
What would have made it perfect would be allowing the audience to catcall it, MST3K-style :)
Mocking with LOVE, of course!

This afternoon is Amid's panel on Tom Oreb, where I intend to go and be a great big fangirl.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dear Sharon Morill...

Karma's a bitch, innit? >:)


staff of Disneytoons Sydney, Tokyo, Vancouver & Toronto, WDFA Paris & Orlando

Monday, June 18, 2007


Just some stuff from the past few weeks.

Don't ask. Just freeforming.

What's on my mind lately...

The obligatory Rosie sketch.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Beat.. and begin.

Boy. Been a long time since I flexed my tiny little animation muscle. Just started sketching Rosie dancing and next thing I knew it was a set of key poses.

I just noticed something. With her bobble pigtails and little red shorts, Rosie looks uncannily and entirely unintentionally like a certain Mouse.
Looks like she needs a different colour for her shorts. Pity, red suits her.

Speaking of animation, anyone know anywhere where you can get an animation peghole-punch and/or pre-punched 13-15 field paper that DOESN'T cost a fortune??
I just about died when I saw an $800 pricetag on a hole-puncher O_o
And ebay is drawing a blank...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Faces and memes a-gogo

More raiding of magazines. The 70's were a wonderful decade for fugly men.

Unlike the 50's, when EVERYONE was starch-pressed and Orlonated.

There is no music too kitschy for my iPod.

Pet project of mine - This is potentially page 1 of 200-odd 'mood memes' turned into little Rosie gags. I wonder if this is the sort of thing Image would be interested in?